August 14, 2010

7 Tips for Short-answer Questions in IELTS Listening

A few months ago, we started sharing some tips for handling multiple choice questions for the IELTS Listening module. We're continuing the series and now, we're sharing some tips for you to use when it comes to short-answer questions in the IELTS Listening Module.

1. Skim and scan the questions in your booklet before you listen, then determine what situation might be required.

2. Predict the type of information you should listen for (e.g. "How far has" indicates distance).

3. Be alert for synonyms and paraphrases. There will be times when the information expressed in the question would not be expressed in the same way as those you would get to hear.

4. Read instructions carefully.

5. Write what you hear. The needed information is always exactly in the form that you should place in the blanks.

6. Note the maximum number of words you should write.

7. Check your spelling.

Tips for Matching Type Questions in the IELTS Listening Module will be posted tomorrow. Cheers. :)

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