August 15, 2010

5 Tips for Matching-Type Questions in IELTS Listening

Now we tackle the things you should note when you encounter matching-type questions in the IELTS Listening Module.

1. Before starting to listen, carefully read the numbered and lettered lists.

2. The numbered list would always be in the same order as you would hear it in the recording.

3. The ideas in the lists might not be expressed in the same way as those in the recording.

4. In this type of question, you should listen for ideas; never listen for particular words or phrases.

5. When you've chosen something from the list, put a line through it so you won't get to use it again.

Next week, we'll share some tips for you for the notes/table completion and sentence/summary completion questions in the IELTS Listening Module. See you then. Cheers. :)

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