November 4, 2013

2 Ways to Highlight Your Skill in Lexical Resource

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Photo credit: patti haskins on Flickr.
Lexical Resource is a criteria of your IELTS writing and speaking exam. Here, your examiners are checking on the extent of your vocabulary skills in your writing tasks and speaking performance. Despite this requirement, many candidates still copy the exact words from the question. Others always repeat the same set of words. As a consequence, they fail to highlight their skill in vocabulary. In other words, this becomes a possible cause for their low band scores in the IELTS exam.

How do we maximize our band scores with regard to Lexical Resource?

The goal is for you to use a variety of related words. We came across an article by writer Jeff Goins where he mentioned two specific solutions that could help you with your IELTS exam.

He recommends that we:

Use a more descriptive noun.

For example, instead of merely saying the generic word 'machine,' we could use a more accurate term such as 'grass cutter' or 'lawn mower,' when we are talking about garden care.

Or, use a better verb.

For instance, instead of just saying the commonly used word 'make,' why not use a suitable word like 'produce,' 'assemble,' or 'manufacture?'


If you find yourself having this problem of copied/repeated words, remember these 2 tips. Not only will you be able to express compelling arguments, but you will also be able to clearly convey your ideas. This translates to a good chance of complying with criteria of Lexical Resource, which then affords you an opportunity to receive a better overall band score.

Hat tip to Mr. Jeff Goins, for sharing these important tips. Head on over to his blog to learn more about writing.