April 10, 2011

11 Things to know about IELTS general training reading

Reading About Cisco
Photo credit: Yellow Snow Photography on Flickr.

Hello. Today you'll be reading some pretty basic stuff about IELTS General Training Reading. You will notice a number of similarities with that of IELTS Academic Reading. However, do note the differences as well. Let's proceed.

1) This exam has 40 total items.

2) It is composed of 3 sections.

3) 2 or 3 short texts could be expected in the first section.

4) 2 texts could be seen in the second section.

5) 1 text is read in the third section.

6) Social topics is a usual feature in the first section.

7) "Workplace survival" is a characteristic of second section texts.

8) Notices, advertisements, official documents, or timetables are some of the sources for the exam.

9) Candidates are penalized for errors in spelling and grammar.

10) Candidates should write their answers directly on the supplied answer sheet.

11) Candidates only have 60 minutes to finish the test.

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