April 17, 2011

17 Quick reminders for IELTS academic writing

Hello. Now, we'll be sharing to you some things for you to remember about the IELTS Academic writing.

For Task 1:

1) Your writing task should contain an introductory or summarizing statement.

2) Allot only 20 minutes for this task.

3) Never have less than 150 words for your work.

4) The task usually involves describing information or data from a table, graph, diagram, chart, etc.

5) The criterion of task achievement is checked here.

For Task 2:

6) This task is worth more points compared to that of task 1.

7) Candidates are expected to write a separate introduction and conclusion.

8) Allot 40 minutes for this Task.

9) Never have less than 250 words for your work.

10) The task usually involves a discussion of a problem, opinion, or issue.

11) The criterion of task response is checked here.

For both Tasks 1 and 2:

12) The criteria of grammatical range and accuracy, coherence and cohesion, and lexical resource are assessed.

13) Never copy the words from your examination paper. Always paraphrase.

14) Academic language and style should be used here.

15) Always read, understand, and follow instructions.

16) It helps to plan/brainstorm for your answers.

17) It is recommended for you to leave some time so that you could check your work.

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