September 7, 2013

Weekly Finds: September 7, 2013

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Every week, we’ll be sharing a list of posts, stories, news, or opinions that we've run across the Internet during the past week or two. We won't be discussing them in detail here, but we do encourage you to check them out as they could contain valuable ideas and insights for your IELTS exam.

If you're ready, here we go...


The Mom List of Naughty Words

We all know the really bad words, like those that would get us into seriously hot water at work. But there's another list to be aware of, too. Mom Cristina A. calls them "ugly words," while other moms call them "bad" or "potty" words. While they're not really curse words, many moms still think they're unacceptable. Keep reading to see which words make the list.


5 Awesome Infographics on English Language

Learn about cool trivia about the English language.


17 Writing Secrets

Check out the author's useful tips for writing. Many of them could be used for the exam.


Cat-and-Mouse: Are Your Speaking Skills Authentic or Cheesy?

For great speaking skills, you need to work on yourself as much as your presentations. Here's how to stay authentic and successful.


Five common grammar mistakes

Using grammar correctly helps you make a good impression. Watch out for these slip-ups...


10 More Words You Literally Didn't Know You Were Getting Wrong

Check out the author's list. This could be helpful when you use our writing system, particularly when you proofread your work.



The author asks, "Am I grossed out by the actual thing? Or just by the thought of the thing? How can I outgrow, embrace, or accept this idea?"