March 13, 2011

9 essential things for your IELTS toolbox

Treasure chest
Photo credit: DrBacchus on Flickr.

We highly recommend that you build up your toolkit for your IELTS exam day. Not only would this save you time, but this would also enable you to at least approximate a hassle-free experience during the exam. A number of things mentioned here are the standard things prescribed by the British Council or the IDP. We however added some things that, in our experience, have helped us during special situations and emergencies. Here you go:

1. ID

Make sure that your ID is the same as the photocopy you've submitted when you registered for the exam with the British Council or the IDP.

2. Wooden Pencils

We prefer the No. 2 type. Bring at least 2 or 3 pieces. It's better to be prepared. Who knows... You might be able to gather some good karma should you decide to lend your extra pencil to a fellow candidate who's in need. :)

3. Eraser

Well, some candidates just cross out words whenever they make mistakes. But, an eraser would help keep your written work neat.

4. Sharpener

We love to have this as a sort of insurance against broken pencil tips.

5. Medicines

At times, your body reacts unpredictably to stress. Thus, let your medicine come to the rescue. Bring those which address loose bowel movement and fever.

6. Bottled water

If you need to take your medicine, you'll consequently need to be ready with your bottle of water. Just make sure that you take the label off the bottle, otherwise, you won't be able to bring it inside the test area.

7. Candies

A number of our students have used candies to help them relax during the IELTS exams.

8. Confidence

We can't stress this point enough. Having positive thoughts and thinking that you'll succeed can indeed work wonders.

9. Presence of mind

Remember the things you've learned during your IELTS preparation or review. Also, be mindful and conscious of the errors that you have done during your many practice sessions. Avoid committing these mistakes again during the exams.

To sum it up, be one step ahead. Prepare your way to IELTS success. In the words of self-help author Florence Scovel Shinn, "If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for."

We hope you liked our tips for today. Oh, did we miss something? Feel free to add more to the list.