September 8, 2012

Weekly Finds: September 8, 2012

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Every week, we’ll be sharing a list of posts, stories, news, or opinions that we've run across the Internet during the past week or two. We won't be discussing them in detail here, but we do encourage you to check them out as they could contain valuable ideas and insights for your IELTS exam.

If you're ready, here we go...

Vaganza: a mini-extravaganza?

Extravaganza: when a single vaganza just isn’t enough.

When You Feel Ignored

Read the ways for curing this.

Oke is OK

Read the author's discussion of the word OK and its variations.

Cake Mistakes and Kooky Cookies

Clear examples on why correct spelling is important.


Take a look at some phrasal verbs using the verb "To Go."

Spelling Random Lexical Flotsam

The author argues that spelling is important. But knowing how to spell lots of unusual words is not.

Learning New Tasks Is Good For You - But Difficult

The brain is like a muscle; it can get into a routine. But mixing up the workout a little is healthy in both cases. In the brain, however, it isn't without difficulties.

Things students say that break my heart

Many people have fixed ideas about the language learning process and judge themselves harshly when it comes to their language experiences and expectations.

R Grammar Gaffes Ruining The Language? Maybe Not

Experts who study the contemporary tongue argue that we may be writing more vibrantly than ever.

“Pet” or “Petted”? “Grit” or “Gritted”?

Grammar Girl talks about some regular verbs that have been going in the surprising direction of becoming irregular.

Grin and Bear It: Smiling Facilitates Stress Recovery

At some point, we have all probably heard or thought something like this when facing a tough situation. But is there any truth to this piece of advice? Feeling good usually makes us smile, but does it work the other way around? Can smiling actually make us feel better?

Texting and language skills

The author shares his thoughts on the studies done to measure the effects of texting on grammar skills.

Guidelines for punctuation in writing

In order to be able to punctuate correctly, it does help to have an understanding of sentences, clauses and phrases.

On “off of”

Is the use of the phrase "off of" linguistically or grammatically wrong?

Crippled, handicapped, disabled?

When did it become insulting to call someone crippled rather than handicapped or disabled?

Mind Over Matter: Learn to Change Your Perspective

They succeed because instead of focusing on all the negatives they focus on the positive. They do not think of tumbling off or falling back, they think of winning, glory and happiness, and that is what gets them on to the medal podium.

Anyone for Quidditch?

Looking for an alternative to the games that shall not be named?

Common mistakes with verbs and adjectives

Note these verb and adjective lessons.

20 Synonyms for “Type”

Which type of word is suitable for referring to a type of person, place, or thing? Type will do, but plenty of alternatives, some with distinct and vivid connotations, are available.

Pronunciation – 50 English Words with ‘ch’ Pronounced /k/ (video)

Let's learn from this pronunciation lesson.

Dear World: Let's Focus on Being Positive

The author writes: "Even with all this positive change I have been noticing a trend in social media where we seem to be growing more negative, and sometime downright vicious. I think it is time that we as a community work to change that! I know we can lead the way."

Wednesday Words: Weird Slurs, Olympics Slang and More

Let's discover other words related to the recently-held London Olympics.

The triathlon and triathlon vocabulary

This post offers a discussion of the triathlon sporting competition while also presenting vocabulary related to running, cycling and swimming.

Expressions with have, make and do

Check out this list of expressions with the words have, take, break, make and do. These are often called collocations.

Slang Words about Money

Learn 12 American English slang words about money.