October 17, 2010

5 Tips for Diagram/Flow Chart Questions in IELTS Reading

Today, we're going to share the tips to remember when handling Diagram or Flow Charts in the IELTS reading module. Read on:

1. Skim the passage to get its general idea.

2. With flow charts, pay attention to the order in which events happen. With regard to diagrams, on the other hand, understand how the various elements or parts of the picture relate to what is described in the passage.

3. For every stage in the flow chart, or for each element of the diagram, locate that part of the passage which presents the same ideas as those mentioned in the flow chart/diagram.

4. You don't need to write the articles ("a," "an," or "the").

5. Never exceed the word limit, and don't modify the words from the passage.

Next week, things to keep in mind when you see classification or matching-type of questions in the IELTS Reading Module will be posted.

Cheers. :)

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