March 28, 2010

3 Interjection Tips

Here are some tips with regard to interjections

1) Interjections are words that:
  • express a feeling. Examples: wow, ouch, darn
  • say yes or no. Examples: yes, no, yep, nope
  • call attention: hey, yo
  • indicate a pause: well, hmmm, ah

2) If the interjection expresses a really strong feeling, it ends with an exclamation point.
Example: Ouch! That hurts!

3) If however the feeling is not that strong, it is set apart from the rest of the sentence by a comma.
Example: Ouch, that hurts.

Attribution to Rebecca Elliot and her book Painless Grammar (c) 2006, 1997

Sentence tips for the IELTS are next.