September 21, 2013

Weekly Finds: September 21, 2013

A Man With Magnifying Glass by digitalart
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Every week, we’ll be sharing a list of posts, stories, news, or opinions that we've run across the Internet during the past week or two. We won't be discussing them in detail here, but we do encourage you to check them out as they could contain valuable ideas and insights for your IELTS exam.

If you're ready, here we go...


It's just an apostrophe, people

You may want to grab a paper bag to breathe into in case this post provokes hyperventilation.


52 transitional phrases to keep your writing connected

Transitions can make or break your writing. Consider the following words when you need some new transition ideas.


Better the weather you know: proverbs and quotations about the weather

The author has gathered together a range of weather-related sayings to provide a line or two when you’re next stuck for conversation.


7 grammar rules you really should pay attention to

Anyone who wants to write in a public setting has to be aware of grammar. Read the author's tips.


Using It, This, & That to Refer to What Was Said

This could help in your writing and speaking exam.


The Blessings in Disguise We Don’t Realize We’ve Received

Let’s change how we think about inconveniences, missed opportunities, and problems, because oftentimes, it is for the best; we might just not know it.