November 14, 2010

6 Tips for Comparing Data in IELTS Writing

Hello. It's time for another set of tips for you to improve your skills in IELTS writing task 1. We're now going to share you some tips when you compare data. Comparing data is one of the techniques that you should use to obtain high marks in IELTS writing. Here are the tips:

1. Carefully examine the data before you start writing.

2. You'd usually find that the instructions would ask you to "report on main features" and "make comparisons where relevant." With this in mind, you consequently have to select the most evident similarities and differences within the presented data.

3. It would help if you jot the features and comparisons down, and determine the sequence with which you're going to express them.

4. When you compare data, you should recognize similarities and differences. Find that part of the data that shows the main similarities and differences. It thus helps to use adverbs as well as connective words and phrases that have these effects.

5. State at all times the actual data (numbers, percentages, dates, etc.) when you make your comparison. However, be certain of its relevance to the point you are making.

6. Keep in mind that you are not expected to write down all the data you are given. State only related data that backs up your point.

Next week, you'll be learning some tips to describe a process or object.

Cheers. :)

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