March 16, 2013

Weekly Finds: March 16, 2013

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Every week, we’ll be sharing a list of posts, stories, news, or opinions that we've run across the Internet during the past week or two. We won't be discussing them in detail here, but we do encourage you to check them out as they could contain valuable ideas and insights for your IELTS exam.

If you're ready, here we go...


Any or Some for Beginners

Refresh your knowledge of the use of any or some.


Latin: A 'dead language' that's still alive

Latin is the official language of the Vatican. Even though it's considered a dead language, its roots are still relevant in both culture and religion. The Pope understands this quite well.

Why the Fuss Over Lectures?

The author argues that video is hardly the most important resource to have and that many courses with written explanations were actually better than the ones with video.


What is the Average Speaking Rate?

The author discusses the definition of speaking rate, analysis of average speaking rates, and a discussion of factors which influence how fast you speak.


7.5 Innocent Words That Can Get You Into Trouble Abroad

The author shares a humourous list of troublesome English words that can create awkward moments for travellers.