July 2, 2012

Photo requirements when registering for the IELTS exam

We've been occasionally asked about the photograph requirements for the IELTS registration.

We've broken them down into 2 categories for your reference. The first would relate to the photo specs, while the second would relate to the candidate's appearance on the photo.

Re: Photo Specs

Your picture must:
-be passport-sized
-be in color
-be identical
-be no more than 6 months old
-be taken against a plain background so that features are clearly distinguishable
-be undamaged
-be in sharp focus and clear
-be print quality or professional standard
-not show any shadows

Re: Your appearance

You must:
-have a close-up of your head and shoulders
-be looking straight at the camera
-have a neutral expression
-have your mouth closed
-have your eyes open and clearly visible
-not be wearing glasses
-not cover your face, as well as the outlines of your eyes, nose, or mouth.

IELTS Photo Requirements


Do remember that one of your photos should be securely attached to the proper box at the front page of the registration form. The other photo should be held by paper clip at or near its designated box.