April 10, 2010

When to Use Exclamation Points

Exclamation points are used at the end of vigorously energetic or forceful sentences, such as those expressing:

1) Delight
Example: The food here tastes great!

2) Urgency
Example: Be careful!

3) Anger
Example: Back off!

4) Surprise
Example: That's incredible!

5) Distress
Example: Oh no! They're here!

6) Excitement
Example: I have an IPad!

7) Intensity
Example: I like you! I really do!

8) Loud noises:
Example: Zap! Ka-Blam!

9) Strong Commands
Example: Stand down!

While exclamation points could be used as a tool for expression, please remember though that they are not recommended to be used in your IELTS writing module.

Here's a video by Paige Carrera discussing when an exclamation point could be used.


Attribution to Rebecca Elliot and her book Painless Grammar and to Paige Carrerra

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