March 24, 2010

Conjunction - What's Your Function?

Here are some tips about Conjunctions.

1) A conjunction is a word that joins words or groups of words.

2) Some examples of conjunctions: and, but, yet, for, so, or, because.

3) As a general rule, avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction.
Exception: You may start a sentence with a conjunction to create effective emphasis and provided that you don't do it often.

Example: Alma guessed that Jon was the person who knocked at the door. And she was right!

4) Also, as a general rule, avoid using a comma every time you see a conjunction.
Exception: You could use a comma before a conjunction that introduces an independent clause.

Example: Paolo went to park, and Lougene went to the mall.

5) Finally, don't overuse the conjunctions "and" and "so" in a sentence or paragraph.

Attribution to Rebecca Elliot and her book Painless Grammar (c) 2006, 1997

Preposition tips are next.